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Royal Pentagon Auction House (RPAH), a highly reputed organization extends over 40 countries to provide professional services of Regulatory Compliance, Radiation Assaying, Acquisition, Auction & Monetization. Our QHSE business ventures are providing services and integral solutions in quality, occupational health, industrial safety and the prevention of occupational risks, offering solutions according to the needs or size of the corporation. Our QHSE professionals provide high quality services to meet the specific requirements of industry and commerce including aerospace, mining, international traders, metal producers & refiners, nuclear power plants & shipping. We are strategically partnered with the international trader, oil & bullion traders, bidders, investors, financial institutions & world top rate banks. We deliver accurate services covering non ferrous and ferrous ores and concentrates, minor metals, precious and platinum group metals, Ferro-alloys, radioactive source material, recycled scrap metal, and also nuclear radiation protective products. We are well aware with the compliance issues pertaining to the local and global legislation and regulations. We use appropriate and properly calibrated equipments & state-of-the-art technology to determine radiation intensity, safety/risk & life level.

Regulatory Services 

Regulatory compliance can be very complex and require a level of regulatory and document management expertise that many individuals no longer afford to .... more

Radiation Assaying 

We provide all types of professional radiation assaying services, technical testing and Non - Destructive Testing service at site. The radiation assaying services ..... more 


The RPAH is converting all your mega value assets, property, precious metals, precious stones, radioactive materials and rare and super natural material into currency .... more

Auction Services 

We are a full service auction house conducting online, offline and onsite auctions. Our auction services includes estates, business, precious metals, antique, rare metals.....more

Contact us to protect yourself from nuclear fallout and survive an atomic attack, click here for more details ..!!

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