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Royal Pentagon Auction House (RPAH) is a consortium and a group of reputed professional that promotes regulatory, assaying, acquisition and auctioning of precious metals, antique items and also super natural rare metals in the international markets. RPAH has its global presence and promoting its business activities in USA, UK, Germany, France,  India, Japan & Israel, and also spreading other part of the world such as Romania, Russia, Poland, Korea, Singapore, Canada and Australia respectively. RPAH team is dedicated and focused  to provide custom fitted solutions and specialized in quality evaluation and technical assaying services. RPAH is having international association and a strong network, subsidiaries and family of companies, investors, producers, refiners, fabricators, metallurgists, scientists, users, and financial institutions.  Royal Pentagon Auction House promotes the state of the art technologies and also to use, reuse, and recycling of precious metals from both primary and secondary market and sources. RPAH envisaged commercializing the advance communication program and technologies world wide.

At RPAH, we strongly believe that winning is never a one-man show. It is always the team wins. A teamwork, both in house and with the customer multiplies the success. And we take pride in giving credit for our triumphs to the entire team, our associates, our member companies, our investors who closely work with us for the same goals. We mobilize funds from global capital market and world top rated banks against bank instruments such as BGs, LCs, SBLCs, MTNs etc. RPAH also mobilizes funds from reputed corporate house under its private invitation program to form a family/consortium of alliance partners.

Within RPAH, a professionally qualified & dedicated team of experts, at each level of hierarchy, performs in tandem to deliver results that amaze. The diverse and efficient skill sets of each member are channelized in the same direction to ensure the smallest of work meets the greatest of perfection.

RPAH is committed to serve its customers with Integrity, Professionalism and the Expertise and dedicated to promote advance technology for the global excellence and abundance.

Gold Bullion Auctions

Gold Bars, Qty 10000 MT
Current Bid: USD 30.9 per Kg
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Anti-radiation Suit

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