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Technical Assaying & Inspection Services

We provide all types of technical / professinal assaying and inspection services, technical testing and also Non Destructive Testing services at site. The assaying and inspection services can be availed for new and existing source material, item, metal, stone, industries, nuclear sites, structures and sources. The techniques include Radiography, Ultrasonic, Robotic, Dye Penetrant, Magnetic Particle Inspections, Boroscope and Visual Inspections and post weld heat treatment services.

Positive Source Material Identification

Remnant Life Evaluation

Elements of Source Material Assaying

Hardness Assaying

Material Replication

Failure Analysis

Airborne Radiation Mapping/Detection - Drone (Nuclear sites)

Survey & Detection by Robot  (Nuclear Sites)



Most Advanced Robot - For Multi Purpose Survey and Detection

Gold Bullion Auctions

Gold Bars, Qty 10000 MT
Current Bid: USD 30.9 per Kg
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Anti-radiation Suit

Regulatory l Assaying l Acquisition l Auction l Monetization