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We are a full service auction house conducting online, offline and on-site auctions. Our auction services includes Estates, Business Liquidation, Restaurant Liquidation, Antiques items, Rare & Super Natural Materials, Farm Auctions, Consignments and Collectibles. We pride ourselves in working hard for you in reaching the highest possible price available. We pride ourselves in working hard for you in reaching the highest possible price available. We oversee all aspects of the auction from conception to completion. Whether it is a small, large high value auction, we are committed to put our best and give you a best deal.

Whether for an individual family, or large financial institution, our talented staff of auctioneers, real estate professionals, and project managers, is uniquely equipped to handle your auction in today's marketplace.

Whether buying or selling you will find the auction method is the most exciting and enjoyable way to conduct business.

The RPAH staff is made up of full-time professionals with years of experience in auction marketing, advertising, closing administration, asset management, banking, and real estate investments.

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Auctions on RPAH site are made very easy. All information is clearly mentioned and self explanatory. On auction house we have number of auction halls, and each hall is having limited number of seating capacity. Seating capacity is indicative of number of registered bidders for each auction hall. The auction starting date and starting price for every auction is clearly mentioned. The price of   each bid also clearly mentioned as Bid Price $ 10/ Bid.  Each placed bid, as set in Auction Parameters the set amount of BIDs deducted from your Bid Account. The amount is set individually for each Auction and located on the button Bid. You can see the remaining time counting down for each Auction (Time left to buy a seat or bid) just above the Bid button. Once the product is displayed on auction hall, we invite bidders to join by purchasing a seat. Once the minimum numbers of seats are being sold, the product is up for live auction. If within the time frame no one wants to buy the item and no bids are received, the item is not sold and the Auction is removed from the website or it can be sometimes it is put up for an Auction once again.

By participating in an Auction you agree to buy the item at the price higher than the current price which is defined Auction parameters. However, if more Bids are received then time is extended by a few minutes/seconds highest bidder wins. The remaining time for each Auction is determined by the current price. Information about the remaining time for bidding can be accessed on the Auction details page under the BID button. If the last bidder who is a winner of the auction is liable to pay the balance amount within the stipulated period, and if he fails to do so the auctioned item will be pass on to next highest bidder.

BIDs and Package Details:

BIDs will be registered on your account as soon as your payment is received and verified. Please note that depending upon the chosen package and method of payment; this can take between few minutes and several days. Before starting to bid on an auction please make sure that you have a sufficient number of BIDs on your account. You can buy credit line and start bidding.

Please note that a BID is not an investment and is non-refundable. A BID represents only the right to participate in an auction. Whether you win the Auction or not, used BIDs are not returned to your account. You can buy items through your bid account balance either debit based or credit based. You have to buy credit line.

To take part in Auctions you must have enough BIDS on your account. Remember to stock up. Having a sufficient supply of bids in your account is essential.

To buy BIDS please click here to......... replenish your account with a package of your choice to buy and increase your credit line to start bidding.

Precaution bid

Some properties on our site allow buyers to present a pre-auction bid to the seller before general bidding is opened. To place a pre-auction bid, locate a product/property you’d like to buy, then click on the “Pre-Auction Bid” button, if available.

  1. Complete the pre-auction bid form to submit a bid to the seller.
  2. You will be asked to provide proof of funds for all cash transactions, present a pre-qualification letter for financeable transactions and provide any applicable entity documents verifying that you are an assigned signer of the contract (if purchasing under a company).
Gold Bullion Auctions

Gold Bars, Qty 10000 MT
Current Bid: USD 30.9 per Kg
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Anti-radiation Suit

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