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 Ground Scanner & 3D Imaging  

The ground scanner with 3D imaging is a unique instrument that can locate buried items, ancient artifacts, lost treasure and even naturally occurring mineralization like gold and silver at depths well beyond that of normal metal detector.

The main important factors amongst others are used technology, conditions of the soils and the relation between object and its depth. This means the larger the buried objects are, the deeper they can be located under the ground.

We are using a ground scanner which is of high performance metal detecting device and specially designed for the following applications

  • Archaeological 3D imaging surveys including size & depth
  • Metal or treasure hunting and gold prospection
  • Pin pointer function to locate the exact position of the buried treasure
  • Detecting gold and other items of high value
  • Mineral & Natural Prospecting

If you are looking for ground scanning experts and want to locate the buried treasure, your search ends here and contact us

Our professional service charges details

Particulars Charges in USD
Onsite Visit and ground scanning chages 7000
Security Deposit (refundable) 10000
Treasure Sharing 10%

Particulars Charges in USD
Onsite Visit and ground scanning chages 9000
Security Deposit (refundable) 15000
Treasure Sharing Nil

We accept this assignment on the basis of advance booking (5 days in advance)

USD 600 should be paid at the time of booking and balance 3 days prior to the assignment.

Our next revision increase in pricing is due by 10th Dec 2018

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