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Get an Assayer and our acceptable assignment details

If you have found any Radioactive source material, and on the off chance if you are looking for its safe packing, CTA, technical assaying, regulatory approvals and also monetization, then your search ends now. We have well equipped lab, skilled and expert team of professionals to deeply analyze radioactivity elements, and a large consortium to perform all these assignments. We are a one point solution for all such assignments and business needs. The imperative fact to remember is that the local government is the owner of such source materials, and its custodian / finder and also their associates will get the considerable amount of compensation from its sale proceeds after following the legal procedure and process.

Please note:

We can accept assignments of assaying only, and generally it ought to be done 3-4 business days in advance.

The multiple assignments accepted in the form of full package can be completed in 45 business days.

All requests to schedule a meeting over the weekend are opened on Mondays and are in order of receipts. We will notify you if there is going to be any deferral beyond 72 hours, or require any additional information from your end.

Be advised if you wish to approach us do in advance and share the facts, discuss every aspects and scope, plan, understand properly, consider and decide before entrusting any assignment to us. You can also get more information provided in the webpage by clicking here...… assignment FAQs and be prepared before approaching us for any business assignment. You can also visit our web page by clicking ...... here. and get the information about our standard professional charges, that has been classified and categorized based on the radiation range / intensity of source material for your easy understanding. 

If you are really serious for the business, then only you can approach us for Business Planning Session meeting / consultation

You can by clicking here .....make a request for an appointment to have a board room meeting with the country head for local operations at the respective office locations. The initial and an official meeting can be scheduled on the payment of USD 2000 towards the official meeting, or by making a payment of USD 500 towards the informal meeting (BPS consultation fee for a meeting session of one hour and for two people). All such requests should be made 7 business days in advance.

Please click here check the available date to schedule a meeting.

Acceptable assignment  




Technical Assaying

Regulatory Approvals

Monetization / Commercial Purchase*

* After obtaining regulatory approvals

Pre Registration Compliance Process

Prepare the detailed compliance report containing

Source of origin, Technical Assaying Analysis report, Packing report

Custodian & Declaration details, address for registration, Valuation, Expected compensation to custodians, Safety Precautions report, No incidents/accidents Report, Undertaking, & Joint Custody Details

Post Registration Compliance Process

Purchase order to be raised in favour of concerned agency of local government, Insurance of the material will be done,

Testing the material through independent world renowned agency

Funds to be transferred to a designated bank account local country.

Royalty payment to be made to local government and the payment of applicable tax shall be made.

Funds shall be transferred to the bank account of custodians & mediators and the payment of applicable tax shall be made.

Obtaining Clearance and NOCs from various government agencies

Business will be completed successfully in  45 Working days

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Anti-radiation Suit

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