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 Public Notice............... 

We notice attempts to copy our service even using our own documentation under same name or different names, preparing fake documents and ID Cards, and dubious companies even some who use names similar to ours. All of this only confirms to use that our procedure and our professionalism works and is copied. Nevertheless, we remain vigilant to this activity and taken steps to stop it.

We have provided a password protected verification facility on our website itself to ensure/verify the credentials / details of our every representative. By clicking here...........the landing page will ask for the User Name and also the password, which can be provided by the company authorized persons, others can't.

We are also having franchise companies and all such franchise companies can enable the franchise verification by entering User Name and the Password provided to them through this web page........ link and the landing page will provide the details of Franchise Companies. Don't forget to ensure the franchise verification on our website as there are many false claimants for our franchisees.

If you are entering into any business assignment deal with any of the below person who is claiming to be the representative of our company, then your such an act is at your risk & cost, company is not responsible. We have not issued any authorization, ID Card or license to the following names/persons to represent us in India or any other country, as these names has been forwarded and in circulation by sending text messages or by emails.

1.  Mr. Paul Spencer

2.  Mr. Pinaki Roy

3.  Mr. P.V Subba Reddy or Ponugoti Venkata Subba Reddy

4.  Mr. D Gautam

5.  Mr. John Peterson

6.  Mr. Victor J

7.  Mr. Sunil Kr Singh

8.  Mr. Vijay Raghvan

9.  Mr. M. Chaudhary

10. Mr. Pranob Rai

11. Mr. Alfred Nixon

12. Mr. David Harry

13. Dr. P.C. Esmitha

14. Mr. Somanath M.V.

15. Mr. R K Jha

16. Mr. Anand

17. Mr. Sunil Kumar

18. Mr. Rajendranath Singh

19. Mr. Fazrulla

20. Mr. Abdul Subhan Farooqui


 Warning for fake Id Cards ..!! The below ID Cards format are fake, as the, logo image & company seal endorsed on the below ID Cards and also the documents and letters displayed in this webpage are created and fake. 

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