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Regulatory Services

Regulatory compliance can be very complex and require a level of regulatory and document management expertise that  many individuals or organizations can no longer afford to support. The landscape within regulatory bodies worldwide is continuously changing. Maintaining the highest level of compliance requires global databases of regulations and to understand the nuances of regulations–as country policies are becoming more stringent. Today, the documents you rely on to get your products from point “A” to point “B” are becoming more complicated. And, fines and penalty for non-compliance are more common than ever before.

Drawing upon our deep understanding of the industry, we offer a variety of regulatory services

We bring you access to our worldwide network of experts including professionals with knowledge of:

Compliance issues pertaining to the latest local and global legislation and regulations,

Logistics information related to the export of products, including transportation, land routes and customs.

Failure to comply with procedural requirements can result in various enforcement actions. These can include seizure of source materials, containment or, orders to take specific corrective actions. Upon conviction, penalties can include: fines, compensation payments, prohibitions, mandatory payments into research funds, and even prison terms. In addition, an offense is considered a separate offense for every day that it occurs or every day that it goes unresolved. The costs of non-compliance are enormous.

We are here to help you do it the right way.

We can assist with

Regulatory compliance strategies for your company,

Development of product-related initiatives in compliance with local and International regulations,

Regulatory research services,

Risk assessment and gap analysis,

Compliance report creation for new product development initiatives,

Hazardous assessments by substance and country.

Regulatory Approvals Services

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